Company overview

An enterprise data management company came to PC40 Interactive about managing its email marketing campaigns using Salesforce Pardot.  This company, specifically, offers a suite of informational management solutions that interprets enterprise companies’ customer, supplier, product, and financial information to streamline operations and analysis.

Why they came to us

This company has delivered long-term, scalable, and reliable data management solutions for organizations across several industries. Targeting this specific customer profile, though, requires a marketing automation solution that grades, scores, and qualifies leads.

To identify and rank prospects by readiness to buy, this company wanted PC40 to configure and manage its Pardot campaigns.  This maintains the data integrity of this company’s Salesforce CRM, and each subsequent campaign customizes the prospect journey based on their previous engagement to increase the probability of conversion.

What we do for them

Salesforce Pardot marketing automation

Customer segmentation

Drip campaign customization

PC40 deploys weekly Pardot campaigns that are customized to specific customer segments, refined to meet specific target goals, and automated to trigger the next email based on the previous engagement.  The ongoing assistance we provide this company, ultimately, increases the efficiency of their prospecting efforts and bolsters their conversion rate.