Company overview

A faith-based leadership organization came to PC40 about developing a learning management system (LMS) that would serve as the organizations’ membership portal.  This organizations’ membership is intended for the personal and professional development of women living in rural communities and small towns.

Why they came to us

Aside from its membership portal, this organization needed help in a variety of areas to brand, establish, and start offering its membership.  While many requirements were established leading up this project, PC40 devised a strategy to manage all the initial moving parts.

This organization also approached PC40 about producing books and managing the logistics for its quarterly membership box.  PC40 is cross-trained between digital and print development through its publishing division, Publishing Concepts, LLC.

What we did for them

Brand identity development

Web development

Learning management system development

Product development

PC40 branded, development, and launched a website and learning management system membership portal for this company that checked all the boxes for what its membership needed to accomplish.  This includes the ability for women to:

  • Receive personal and professional guidance in focus groups
  • Meet other women seeking growth in life and business
  • Seek out personalized coaching
  • Gain access to conferences and events

The hands-on involvement we provided this organization, ultimately, established a solid foundation for this membership organization to grow and expand.  The membership portal now serves as a platform for small town and rural women to discover the resources they need to flourish personally and professionally.