Company overview

A national college career development organization came to PC40 Interactive about developing a customized learning management system (LMS) that would accommodate a variety of functions for its programs.  This organization offers its career planning programs at multiple colleges and aims to change the way students approach the career planning process.

Why they came to us

Aside from its customized learning management system, this organization needed help in a variety of areas to properly build, market, and execute its career planning programs.  While many requirements were established leading up this project, PC40 devised a strategy to manage all the moving parts.

This organization also approached PC40 about restructuring and printing the textbook that would play a large role in the program.  PC40 is cross-trained between digital and print development through its publishing division, Publishing Concepts, LLC.

What we did (and do) for them

Brand identity development

Web development

Learning management system development

Product development

Learning management system expansion deployments

PC40 branded, development, and launched a website and learning management system student portal for this company that checks all the boxes for what its programs need to accomplish.  This includes the ability for:

  • Students to message professional contacts
  • Students to upload assignments that automatically award them 100 points per assignment
  • Students to fill their calendar with virtual events and in-person campus visits
  • Instructors to monitor the progress students across all programs
  • Instructors to manage their private classroom
  • Instructors to streamline communicate within their private classroom
  • And more

The hands-on involvement we provided this organization, ultimately, made its career development programs all the more effective for all participating parties.  The student portal now serves as an effective platform for college students to devise a written career plan and determine their best-fit career.