Company overview

A balance training company came to PC40 Interactive about developing an eCommerce website for its line of products and training program.  This company, specifically, offers the first portable footwear and an integrated training system for both functional and balance-specific movement.

Why they came to us

This company offers the only unstable surface footwear on the market. Their device provides the safest method to improve functional fitness, dynamic balance, and athletic ability by enhancing basic exercise movements.

To convey the impact of this product, this company wanted PC40 to integrate compelling video, a 360 view product slider, and testimonials from licensed physical therapists on a Shopify website.

What we did for them

Web development

eCommerce development

360 view product slider integration

PC40 developed a functional eCommerce website for this company that communicates the value of their patented products and increases conversions from consumers and facilities that purchase them.  The guidance we provided this company, ultimately, established a platform physical therapists could promote to educate patients and athletes about safe, effective, and efficient balance training.