Company overview

A global pepper spray manufacturer and distributor came to PC40 Interactive about fixing and making additions to its mobile app.  This safety and security company offers a diverse product line that includes civilian self-defense sprays, stun guns, personal alarms, pepper spray and self-defense classes, dog spray, and bear spray.

Why they came to us

This company offers a pepper spray product that connects via Bluetooth to its mobile app.  When the pepper spray is activated, first responders and contacts of choice are alerted.

Frequent compliance updates in the Google Play and Apple Store requires constant oversight and response to app store alerts. PC40 brought this company’s mobile app up to speed with the latest updates and continues to maintain compliance with the app stores.

The client reviewed five companies, and PC40 was selected out of those five.

What we do for them

Run mobile app updates

Fix mobile app bugs

Research and development for future app products

Provide marketing solutions

PC40 improved upon this company’s mobile app for Android and iOS by making adjustments to the source code and addressing app store notices.  Our intervention, ultimately, helped this mobile app continue to serve as a dependable tool for personal safety and security in the event of an emergency.