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eLearning has become an increasingly common way to offer training and education in an online environment.  This online learning concept is most commonly fostered through a learning management system (LMS), a web-based application that organizes, delivers, and tracks eLearning initiatives.

There are many ways to use a learning management system solution.  Whether you are looking to providing training to your employees, offer courses to your customer base as an additional revenue stream, or create a membership-based community, the uses for learning management systems are endless.

Entrust PC40 to develop a custom learning management system for your company.  Our learning management system development company in St. Louis learns your business inside and out to understand which ways eLearning can support your business needs.  Learn how a learning management system can help your company achieve its internal and external operational goals.

Features of a learning management system

Unlimited Courses

With a custom learning management system, you can create unlimited courses. Courses can include text, video, powerpoints, MP3 audio, PDFs, and more.


Need users to upload and submit printable assignments? Our learning management systems allow for offline assignments as well as online assignments.


Create multiple choice and open-ended quizzes based on coursework materials. Option to make quizzes time-sensitive and mandatory.

User Groups

Organize and foster interaction among users in your learning management system by placing them in groups. Users can invite other users to group if permitted.

ZOOM Integrations

Hosting live meetings via ZOOM? Our learning management development company in St. Louis can seamlessly integrate your ZOOM account with a specific member group(s).


Keep members on track with their course, quiz, and assignment deadlines, upcoming events, and other specified functions through an auto-updated calendar.

Direct Messaging

Foster peer-to-peer and peer-to-teacher interaction through direct messaging. Notifications sent via email and/or SMS (based on requirements).


Want a certificate to appear at the end of the courses in your learning management system? Create end-of-course certificates for a job well done or an official program.

User Forums

Encourage group interaction through member forums. Forums are tethered to specific user groups and can be created by specific user types or anyone.

Custom Branding

The learning management systems developed by our learning management development company in St. Louis are branded to your company's logo and brand style.

Email and/or SMS Notifications

Notify users about course, quiz, and assignment deadlines, direct messages, upcoming ZOOM meetings, and their account through email and SMS notifications.

Analytics and Reporting

Generate detailed analytics on user activity, course progression, signups, revenue, and more. Reporting dashboard can be tailored to your company's individual needs.

We care about your eLearning initiatives

Yeah, we could develop a fairly standard learning management system in a few weeks time.  However, we deeply inquire from the very beginning about what your company’s learning management system needs to accomplish, thus developing an eLearning solution that is a true asset to your company.
Reach out to us today to see how PC40 can build out a learning management system that meets and exceeds your requirements. While learning management systems have several moving parts, we continue delivering the best eLearning solutions based on how your company plans to use this customized platform.
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Additional benefits of learning management systems

Easy Management

Manage courses, groups, and users in a straightforward editing dashboard


Increase user retention by providing activities in your coursework

Grow Your Network

Add a social component that fosters user engagement

Progress Tracking

See how far you've advanced through courses

Several Ways to Generate Revenue

Sell courses and memberships based on your revenue model

Let's start building a learning management system

If your company is thinking about developing a learning management system, which specific features are you looking for in the near-term?  Which features do you want to integrate down the line? Identifying what you need your learning management system to do in the short and long-term can help us build a web-based application that can improve your company’s performance.

Ready to start a conversation about learning management systems? Reach out to us today, and one of our team members will get back to you within 24 hours about your learning management system inquiry. We look forward to how we can help you achieve specific outcomes through an eLearning solution.