The Importance of a Digital Marketing Plan

Marketing is the single most important action your company can take to increase the revenue generated from your business. Without spreading the word about your company’s products/services, it is next to impossible to differentiate your business from your competitors and establish why you offer the greatest solution to a consumer’s challenge. PC40 can help your business with a variety of digital marketing approaches to effectively communicate the unique value that your brand delivers.

Preliminary Approach: Digital Marketing Audit

Before PC40 helps your business reach more potential customers, we begin by auditing your current marketing efforts and creating a plan that works best for you and your budget. Your new plan will be based on any past data that we can gather. Then, we will restart your paid or organic efforts to generate the best possible results.

Initiating an effective campaign starts with creating a strategic game plan. Once your campaign has taken off, it is critical to follow up with targeted optimization to drive proper conversions that boost your return on investment. PC40 is then able to generate these results for your business through audience identification, market research, and creating a motive to act. PC40 uses the following strategies to pinpoint the most effective marketing methods for your business.

Approach 1: Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns

Our team has developed paid marketing plans that focus on your bottom line. Through proper planning and testing, PC40 can figure out what channels provide the best ROI for you and your team. Constant A to B testing allows us to find clicks that will help convert at the lowest cost!

Once your PPC campaign launches, we are all about transparent reporting and data insights that are relevant to your business. We will work with you to look over the performance of the campaign and come up with new ways to allocate your budget in ways that will drive continued and new success.

Approach 2: Social Media Marketing

Your business may find that the majority of your customers can be found on social media. Thus, PC40 can help your business get in front of them through engaging content development and display ads on platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. We will also work with your business to create a monthly content schedule and strategic campaign plan that optimizes your content across these mediums.

Approach 3: Organic SEO

Another method you can use to market your business to potential customers is listing your business, products/services, and contact information in online directory listings. PC40 will ensure that your online directory listings are helping your website gain domain authority and backlinks which will, thus, increase your SEO and attract MORE potential customers in turn! We will work with your business to determine which online directory listings are concentrated with potential customers to maximize web impressions.

Taking digital action to market your business goes a long way to translating product and service ideas into sales. Let the sales and marketing experts at PC40 help you develop your company’s digital footprint to make your business stand out.

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