Why Use a CRM?

Storing your customer data in a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application goes a long way in keeping customers’ information organized, up-to-date, and secure.

Every time a customer in your database engages with your media, purchases a product/service you offer, or submits any form of correspondence, their database record can be manually or automatically updated with a description of how they engaged with your brand. Each customer’s record contains critical information such as contact information, notes, and last response date.

The Importance of CRMs

CRM applications give businesses the ability to maintain relationships with their entire customer base from a distance. To this end, businesses can use the custom fields and sorting functionality within CRMs to send extremely targeted marketing campaigns, which depends on how specific they make the fields in their CRM application. This can, ultimately, drive more brand engagement across several metrics that will help businesses achieve success.

Data management is already a challenging task as it is, and for this reason, PC40 recommends businesses of all sizes to store their customer data in a CRM application. Even one wrong click can wipe out all of your business’ data. Whether you want to create a custom CRM application or choose a premade software, PC40 will help you make a well-thought decision on what is most suitable for your business.

Integrated Data Storage

PC40 uses niche identification, brand development, and data-based marketing to build a functional CRM application that serves your business objectives. It is important for us to understand these three areas because there may be custom fields we would suggest implementing that would make your application more beneficial in the long-term towards your business goals.

We have built custom CRM applications for many small and medium businesses to handle their day-to-day operations. PC40 can also help you use your application in conjunction with Quickbooks, Xero, Wave, and other accounting software to create a seamless experience. In addition, our CRM consultants are heavily trained with Zoho; we have done quite a few successful Zoho and Quickbooks integrations with custom application in St. Louis.

There is a lot of potential business that is lost from a limited understanding of maintaining digital records and generating revenue from it. Let PC40 help establish your business’s CRM software; give us a call today or send a message to maximize business engagement from your application.

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