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Every time a customer in your database engages with your media, purchases a product/service you offer, or submits any form of correspondence, their database record can be manually or automatically updated with a description of how they engaged with your brand. Each customer’s record contains critical information such as contact information, notes, and last response date.

Storing your customer data in a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application goes a long way in keeping customers’ information organized, up-to-date, and secure.

Entrust PC40 to develop a custom CRM for your company.  Not only will you build thorough customer profiles that will help you make data-informed decisions; you will also ramp up your sales team’s conversion rate.

Our approach to CRM development

Initial Requirement Assessment

We first inquire about what your company is currently doing to manage its data and which specific parameters you'd like to be collecting.

Niche Identification

Next, our St. Louis CRM developers conduct a deeper analysis by learning your niche inside and out. This ensures we have thought through potential blind spots that result in less complete data.

Data-based Marketing

We then integrate data-based marketing solutions into your CRM that allow for centralized sales efforts and marketing automation.

We care about your data management

Yeah, we could set up a pretty standard CRM that could get the job done.  However, we make a point to understand your company as a whole because there may be custom fields we would suggest implementing. This would make your application more beneficial for your business objectives in the long term.
There is a lot of potential business that is lost from a limited understanding of maintaining digital records and generating revenue from it. Let PC40 help establish your company’s CRM software.
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Our CRM development process

Despite how every company’s CRM inherently different, there is a common three-step process PC40 guides companies through to bring their CRM from ideation to completion.



We collaborate with you to determine which solutions work best for the size of your company, the types of data you’re collecting, and the integrations you need.



Once we understand what your CRM needs to accomplish, we develop the CRM with the fields and integrations in your scope of requirements.



Upon completion of development, the CRM will undergo testing to ensure optimal performance.  Then, we will migrate your data.

Let's simplify your company's data management

If your company is thinking about developing or upgrading its CRM, what do you need it to capture in the near-term?  How would you like to leverage your CRM down the line? Identifying what you need your CRM to do in the short and long-term can help us curate a CRM solution that can streamline your data management and marketing efforts.

Ready to start a conversation about CRMs? Reach out to us today, and one of our team members will get back to you within 24 hours about your CRM inquiry. We look forward to how we can help you leverage more sales through a CRM.